Our Team

We have a lot of fun at Brain, Child. We love making a magazine that makes a difference in the lives of mothers.  It takes a village.

BC Group Headshot

Marcelle Soviero


Marcelle Soviero purchased Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers in 2012 and continues to build on its original mission to present voices of mothers of different backgrounds and circumstances in print and online. A longtime Brain, Child reader, Marcelle purchased the magazine when she saw it was ceasing print. “I’ve always loved Brain, Child… (read more)

Randi Olin


If you’ve submitted to Brain, Child, Randi has read your submission. As Editor, Randi assists with content selection and editing for Brain, Child’s print, web, and blog products.  “I am always looking for the next best essay or story. It’s wonderful to accept work from both recognized writers and new talent.” An avid reader, Randi makes sure every submission she receives gets a fair read and every writer is responded to personally and in a timely manner. Her sometimes nightmare is somehow missing a submission in the pipeline… (read more)

Peggy Meehan

Executive Director, Customer Service

Have you called or emailed our customer service department? If so you’ve met Peggy; if not, you’re in for a treat. Peggy manages all customer service for Brain, Child with only one mission in mind – to please our readers.“I’m thrilled to spearhead Brain, Child’s Customer Service… (read more)

Aline Weiller

Marketing Director

Aline Weiller is Brain, Child’s Marketing Director.  With more than two decades of marketing know-how and brand management experience, Aline has increased the overall awareness and reach of Brain, Child. Aline is “always on” and loves working with the media, our partners and on regional Brain, Child events.“I love the essays and stories in Brain, Child… (read more)

Christine Juneau

Staff Artist

Christine has been drawing cartoons, primarily of her family, for as long as she can remember.  As Brain, Child’s staff artist Christine is responsible for the line drawings in our print issues, as well as cartoons and drawings for Brain, Child’s blog… (read more)